About Us

 Home Sweet Home

We couldn’t agree more!

Our team at Hycroft Home Decor believes that your home is your sanctuary. It’s your happy place where you feel at peace. Where you can feel joy, comfort, and inspiration. And there is nothing better than to decorate your, Home Sweet Home, with beautiful, timeless, and elegant items that complement you and your vision of how your happy place should look.

Your home and how it is decorated is an extension of you. The way your home is decorated is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last when you go to sleep. It should give you fresh new energy in the mornings and a sense of calm and peace before going to sleep.

We strongly believe in this and that is why Hycroft Home Decor came to be. We wanted to share with you our passion and our support in making your home be the home you envision it to be.

We’ve curated a collection of hand-crafted home decor accessories that we believe bring this vision to reality. Along with hand-arranged dried and preserved flowers and natural sun palm leaves that provide endless beauty with minimal care. Nothing artificial here. Just preserved beauty to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones for as long as you desire.

Our collection only has items that we believe achieve this mission.

Have a beautiful day 😊


Hycroft Design Team